Courtney grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and went to the Columbus Ohio area for college. Once she graduated from college in spring of 2016, she moved to Greenville, SC and can't imagine ever managing the cold again!


"Overall the Event Industry in Greenville feels like a large community, I have met so many amazing vendors who’s ultimate goal is to ensure the customers/brides have the most memorable event", says Courtney. "With that being said, my role as an Event Sales Specialist plays such an exciting role with clients as they make those deciding steps towards their event, wedding, fundraiser, etc. I love making connections with my clients and brides throughout the process of finding their fit with the venue and then seeing everything unfold on their event."


Outside of the office, Courtney spends her time with her husband, Connor, and her furry Papillon & Pomeranian puppy. Besides her favorite hangout buddies, she also likes to be active whether that’s running, CycleBar or hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains. She also loves to try new things in the Greenville/Asheville area whether it’s a new winery or brewery or a fun festival. 


Courtney loves how each day is something different with new obstacles than the day before. She loves having a changing environment whether that’s helping set up for an event or giving tours to new clients.


"Courtney was a DREAM! Food was very important to us and played a large part of the experience of our wedding. We value family dinners and wanted to share that with our guests with an Italian Family Dinner. Courtney worked with us on creating a custom menu and smoothing out the logistics with having our space flipped." - Sarah B.

"Courtney Hamilton blew it out of the water with making what seemed strange into something unforgettable." - Kyle B.